RICS is committed to collaborating with others and remaining future-focused. This ensures that the profession evolves and adapts to the industry’s biggest challenges. We are working to ensure that we build for the future both as an organisation and as a profession.

Over the last year RICS has been developing and preparing a new global guidance note: Sustainability and ESG in commercial property valuation and strategic advice.

We have held: 

  • two global webinars
  • a series of global advisory forums 
  • an eight-week digital conversation on our insight community

We have gathered insight from a wide range of stakeholders globally, including governments, investors, regulators, valuers and built environment professionals.

The proposed guidance note aims to deliver practical and globally-relevant principles for the delivery of the sustainability and environmental, social and governance (ESG) requirements of clients through the overarching standards contained in our RICS Global – Valuation Standards (Red Book). 

In 2020/21 7,507 new candidates enrolled for an assessment. 

  • 351 AssocRICS assessments were held.
  • 4,869 MRICS assessments were held. 
  • 4,226 new AssocRICS and MRICS were elected to the register of members.  

Chartered surveyor final assessment interviews continued to be delivered online. The implementation of a new digital platform towards the end of 20/21 has affected our ability to deliver our assessment programme, and has had a significant impact on candidates and firms.   We continue to work with candidates and key stakeholders about these challenges, and are committed to delivering improvements to our assessment programme through 21/22. 

Our assessors are integral to the success of the assessment process: they provide their time and expertise but, most importantly, function as the gatekeepers to the profession. It is our assessors who protect the standards of those qualifying with RICS and without their support our assessments cannot proceed. Our new online training programme is designed to support them in this critical role. 

To support our continuous improvement program, we have appointed a steering group to oversee a review of all entry and assessment processes and make recommendations for future changes.