What I'm doing to prepare for written APC submission

With her deadline imminent, a building surveying APC candidate explains that to finalise her documents she has reflected on what she has learned – and still has to do – in the second of our series


  • Jordanne Dunn AssocRICS

13 February 2024

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In the past few weeks I've been reviewing and fine-tuning documents for my APC, which I will submit when the window opens on 18 March.

After I took stock of my experience as discussed in my previous article, I uploaded my diary days to RICS' online Assessment Platform, recording the structured training I've accrued since enrolment and allocating it according to my technical competencies.

Since then, I have drafted my summary of experience and case study with support from my counsellor and supervisor, as well as my wider team where required.

As I work on these, I have been conscious of the importance of the written submission, thanks to the APC training sessions I have attended. 

The knowledge and experience presented in these documents is the basis of final assessment, and gives the assessor their first impression of a candidate. Therefore, putting together a good pack of documents is a significant part of the process.

Modules enable reflection and consolidation

Ahead of the final interview, I have also completed the ethics and professionalism modules and mandatory test. I was able to do these in early January, taking advantage of the quieter period between Christmas and New Year, and this has freed me up to focus on the rest of my submission.

The modules and test themselves were very informative, and more interactive than I had anticipated. Most of the modules include exercises that invite personal reflection, as well as small tests.

I not only reinforced my knowledge of the RICS Rules of Conduct, and how they help us navigate situations, but also learnt a lot about ethics and philosophy more generally.

For instance, one scenario encouraged me to consider how many ethical issues can arise in the course of a single project or instruction, and the role that context plays in making decisions.

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Ensure records correct and complete

The online portal used to manage and submit your APC material is RICS' Assessment Platform. 

Among other things, it requires you to set up a profile before you make your submission. It also records your date of submission and takes your CV and other supporting documentation.

Any errors on or information missing from this platform can cause delays and issues at submission. To avoid this, I have spent some time ensuring my profile is both complete and accurate, contacting APC Candidate Support with questions where necessary.

Completing and logging CPD

While completing the longer, written elements of the submission, I also needed to review my continuing professional development (CPD) log and keep on accruing hours as usual.

As well as fulfilling the minimum requirement for 48 hours per year for APC candidates, I reviewed my written CPD log for spelling, grammar and content. 

This included identifying any gaps in my experience, so that I could address these in the months remaining before submission.

First, I must meet the requirement that 50% of CPD is classed as formal development, according to the decision tree available from RICS.

Second, I've had to check the quality and breadth of my CPD. It is considered both beneficial and good practice to have a variety of good-quality CPD, spanning where possible all your competencies and a range of types – such as distance learning, training courses, seminars and technical authorship – as well as providers – such as RICS, my employer and external providers.

While I actively try to seek out and complete a variety of CPD, a quick audit enabled me to address deficiencies and imbalances before submission. 

From an initial review, I saw I was on track with the amount of hours, but would benefit from supplementing my entries on contract administration, design and specification, and fire safety.

Taking it one stage at a time

The APC is a large undertaking – somehow both a marathon and a sprint – and it is easy to become overwhelmed when thinking too far ahead.

After submission, I will need to consider things such as revision strategy, arranging mock interviews and practising my presentation.

However, until I submit, my main focus will be my submission documents and ensuring the administrative requirements are completed accurately.


Jordanne Dunn AssocRICS is a building surveyor at Savills
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See Jordanne's series of Built Environment Journal articles on her work as a trainee building surveyor.

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