Around the world in three giant infrastructure projects

The California High-Speed Rail, Sydney Fish Market and the Extremely Large Telescope are three mega-budget developments with very different objectives


  • Modus staff

25 April 2024

Giant infrastructure projects are often presented by national and local governments as the perfect way to create jobs, boost the economy and improve services at the same time.

But they can also be incredibly expensive and come with less-than-ideal eco-credentials. And it’s not uncommon for large-scale projects to overrun by months or even years.

That said, big budget infrastructure developments still have the power to generate a lot of excitement and headlines in the media. Modus highlights three such projects currently underway around the world – in the US, Australia and Chile.

Watch the video below.



Editor's note: This feature and video have been updated due to evolving information about a project previously featured (Neom).


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