Building the Future: the evolution of queer spaces

Kelly Canterford MRICS hosts the latest episode of the Modus podcast, in which we ask how important queer venues are for successive generations of LGBTQ+ people


  • Modus staff

20 February 2023

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The latest episode of Building the Future focuses on queer spaces, how they are used by LGBTQ+ people today and why they need to be preserved.

The podcast returns to an important topic covered last year by a Modus article on the crisis queer venues are facing. It is hosted by Kelly Canterford MRICS, founder of Tigrou Consulting and co-chair of Freehold, a networking group for LGBTQ+ people working in the built environment.

Joining Kelly for the discussion is Charlie Smith MRICS, a chartered surveyor with Cushman and Wakefield, Ed Welch, a graduate surveyor with CBRE and Grace Forster, a graduate surveyor with Savills. 

Among the topics covered are what a ‘queer space’ means, how the definition of such a space has changed from the late 1950s to now and whether these spaces are always as inclusive as they should be.

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Kelly Canterford headshot

Kelly Canterford MRICS (She/Her)

Kelly Canterford MRICS is a chartered surveyor and founder of Tigrou Consulting, as well as co-chair of Freehold – a networking group for LGBTQ+ people working in the built environment.

Charlie Smith headshot

Charlie Smith MRICS (They/Them)

Charlie Smith MRICS is a queer nonbinary person working as a chartered surveyor in the Data Centre Advisory team at Cushman & Wakefield.

Grace foster headshot

Grace Forster (She/Her)

Grace Forster (she/her) is a graduate surveyor at Savills, specialising in development and valuations.

Ed Welch headshot

Ed Welch (He/Him)

Ed Welch is a graduate surveyor in CBRE’s Cross Border Retail team covering EMEA region.


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