RICS Regulatory Tribunal hearings Q1 2021


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02 June 2021

RICS Regulatory Tribunal decisions

The Regulatory Tribunal (which includes an appeal panel) operates independently of RICS. It provides the profession with a body that can reach effective, fair and independent decisions on a range of disciplinary, registration and appeals matters. These matters can include decisions on cases of alleged misconduct or lack of competence. The Tribunal sits as panels of three to consider and hear cases in accordance with the powers in the RICS byelaws, regulations and relevant rules.

Mr Jem Erol Appeal Panel hearing – Tuesday 27 April 2021

On 25 November 2020 a Disciplinary Panel considered one charge against Mr Erol in accordance with Bye Law 5.2.2(d). The panel found the charge proved and imposed a reprimand on Mr Erol. The panel also ordered Mr Erol to make a contribution towards costs and ordered full publication.

RICS appealed this decision which was heard by an Appeal Panel on Tuesday 27 April 2021. The Appeal Panel concluded that the sanction imposed by the Disciplinary Panel was wrong on the basis that it was unduly lenient. The Appeal Panel exercised its powers to vary the penalty imposed by the Disciplinary Panel and expelled Mr Erol from student membership of RICS.

Ms Gloria Bugeda Disciplinary Panel Hearing – Friday 5 February 2021

On Friday 5 February 2021, a Disciplinary Panel considered one charge against Ms Bugeda. The panel found the charge proved and imposed that Ms Bugeda be expelled from membership at RICS. 

The allegation before the Disciplinary Panel was as follows: Between 27 November 2018 and 01 March 2019, Ms Bugeda failed to submit documents for the purpose of a valuer registration review as reasonably required by the RICS Regulatory Board. This is contrary to Rule 8 of the Rules of Conduct for Members 2007.

Ms Bugeda is therefore liable to disciplinary action under Byelaw 5.2.2

The panel also ordered that Ms Bugeda pay costs.

Ms Sarah Mills [6808912], Suffolk, NR32 Disciplinary Panel Hearing – Tuesday 24 November 2020

At a Disciplinary Panel hearing on Tuesday 24 November 2020 the panel considered one charge against Ms Mills.

The panel found the charge proved and imposed the following sanctions:

1. Reprimand

2. Fine

3. Condition

The panel also made order to costs.

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