Level up: principles of property finance and investment

Gain an understanding of how property fits into global financial markets, with the RICS Certificate in Property Finance and Investment


  • Brendon Hooper

13 November 2020

Illustration: Veronica Cerri

Global financial markets play a huge role in our lives. But how does property fit into this picture? Where does it sit in relation to stocks and bonds, and how is it sold and resold on the financial markets? Understanding the principles behind property finance and investment can help property professionals to make more informed decisions.

In general, property finance and investment covers the trading of property as an investment or asset. Although this includes all forms of investment, from single purchases to larger portfolio acquisitions, there is now an increasing focus on property as an asset class in the wider capital markets, for example through indirect property investment vehicles or derivatives.

Finance has always been essential to property, but the skills and knowledge to work with complex financing arrangements are increasingly valued as a part of property management. Not only is there a desire for property professionals to understand finance and investment, conversely there is also a need for finance professionals to better understand property as a product. 

As surveyors advance in their career, they may also find that they want to move beyond valuation and inspection of individual properties and begin to look at property as an asset class. This could help them, for example, to advise clients on the best ways to secure financing, or to model different financial scenarios.

The Certificate in Property Finance and Investment course is designed to help professionals increase their knowledge of financial markets, property financing and corporate investment, so that they can make more informed decisions about property investment and management.

As well as demystifying complex topics such as debt structures, investment vehicles and risk management in finance, delegates will also gain practical insights into investment management strategies, and learn to create bespoke financial models, including property analysis and cash flows.

The course will be particularly suitable for real estate consultants looking to expand their knowledge and skillset, and enhance the value they bring to their clients, or for those working in brokerage or finance who wish to gain a better understanding of property as a financial product. Please be aware that this is a professional training course, aimed at giving delegates practical knowledge to further their career. It is not an accreditation and does not lead directly to membership of RICS, or to becoming a chartered surveyor.

“The course was extensive, excellently presented and covered many topics,” says Francesco Della Cioppa MRICS, real estate adviser at Famiglia Gabrielli Gallerie Commerciali. “At first, it was not easy to get to grips with all the topics, but a great effort was made by the trainer to help summarise them all. The course has awakened a passion in me for property finance and investment, which I now want to pursue further in my career.”

As it’s available digitally, you can watch the course at a time and place that suits you. You can interact with your trainer and ask as many questions as you like through the online platform and revisit the recording whenever you like.


Duration: 7 months

Price: £1,295 + VAT 

(Non-RICS professionals) £1,520 + VAT

CPD: 56 hours 
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“The course has awakened a passion in me for property finance and investment, which I now want to pursue further in my career” Francesco Della Cioppa MRICS, Famiglia Gabrielli Gallerie Commerciali