Governing Council, chaired by the interim Chair of Governing Council, is supported by a number of groups, committees and boards, populated by active RICS professionals, executives and lay members. These boards include:

  • the Management Board
  • an independently-led Standards and Regulation Board
  • world regional and national boards and
  • advisory panels, specialist professional group boards and policy panels.


Governance structure 1 August 2021–31 July 2022

Following Lord Bichard’s recommendation for changes to the governance structure (subsequently accepted by Governing Council), the responsibilities of the Nominations Committee, the Remuneration Committee and the Presidential Nominations Committee will in future be held by a new Nominations and Remuneration Committee. 

In addition, the responsibilities of the Audit and Finance committees will be jointly held by a new Audit, Risk Assurance and Finance Committee.

RICS officers

President: Clement Lau FRICS

President Elect: Ann Gray FRICS

Senior Vice President: Tina Paillet FRICS

Management board

Chair: Paul Marcuse FRICS (to Sept 2021)

Isobel O’Regan FRICS (October 2021–22)

RICS non-executive board members 

Rebecca Best FRICS 

Natalie Cohen MRICS (to March 2022) 

Javed Edahtally 

Kwok Wah (Edgar) Li MRICS

Anurag Mathur FRICS

Hannah Purves (appointed January 2022) 

Matthew Rees (appointed January 2022)

RICS executive board members

Richard Collins, Chief Executive Officer (interim)

Garry Hirth (December 2021–April 2022) 

Rofi Ihsan (to December 2021) 

Justin Lester, Chief Financial Officer (interim) (from May 2022)

Executive team

Chief Executive Officer (interim), Richard Collins (appointed 7 October 2021)

Chief Executive Officer, Sean Tompkins (to September 2021)

Chief Financial Officer (interim), Justin Lester (appointed May 2022)

Chief Financial Officer (interim), Garry Hirth (December 2021–April 2022)

Chief Markets Officer, Matthew Harrison (to July 2022)

Chief Operating Officer (interim), Rofi Ihsan (to December 2021)

Chief People Officer (interim), Kay Meredith (appointed May 2022)

Chief People Officer, Marina Kilcline (to January 2022)

Executive Director Brand, Communications and Thought Leadership, Liz Banks (to November 2021)

Executive Director for the Profession (interim), Chris Alder (appointed November 2021)

Executive Director for the Profession, Richard Collins (to October 2021)

Governing Council members

Clement Lau FRICS (President)

Louise Archer FRICS

Claudio Bernardes FRICS

Kevin Brogan FRICS (to June 2022)   

Paul Collins FRICS (to June 2022)

Alan Child FRICS

Martin Eberhardt FRICS

Marion Ellis FRCIS 

Andrew Gooding FRICS (from July 2022)

Ann Gray FRICS

Birgit Hempel FRICS

David Hourihan FRICS (from July 2022)

Gordon Johnston MRICS (from July 2022)

William Jones FRICS

Nicholas Maclean FRICS (interim Chair)

Kathleen Michell MRICS

Jonathan Milner MRICS (from July 2022)

Alexia Nalewaik FRICS (from November 2021)

Uche Obi FRICS

Isobel O'Regan FRICS (to June 2022)

Tina Paillet FRICS (from November 2021)

David Sandbrook FRICS (to June 2022)

Chris Seymour FRICS (from October 2021)

Peter Smith FRICS (to November 2021)

Praveen Subramanya MRICS 

David Torrens FRICS

Ben Towell FRICS (to June 2022) 

Albert Hao Wang FRICS

Robert Wilson FRICS 

Standards and Regulation Board 

The Standards and Regulation Board was established in March 2020 and superseded the Regulatory Board, regional Regulatory Boards and Knowledge Board. 

The role of the Standards and Regulation Board is to oversee standard setting, entry to the profession, and provide assurance to the profession, markets and the public that RICS-qualified professionals and regulated firms operate to the standards set out in RICS’ Rules of Conduct and professional standards. 

Independently chaired by Dame Janet Paraskeva and with an independent majority, the Standards and Regulation Board leads the development of a consistent, global regulatory strategy and oversees operational implementation across all world regions. The Standards and Regulation Board acts on delegated authority from the Governing Council to exercise RICS’ regulatory powers and functions, being accountable and reporting annually to Governing Council on its performance and activities.

Dame Janet Paraskeva – UK 


Former Chief Executive of the Law Society and First Civil Service Commissioner in Whitehall. Formerly Chair of Appointments Commission for the States of Jersey until 30 September 2022 and currently Chair of the Council for Licensed Conveyancers. Chair of Primary Eye Care Services and Vice-Chair of the Video Standards Council. Privy Councillor and former Non-Executive of the Hertfordshire Partnership Trust for Mental Health and Learning Disabilities 

Charles Banner KC – UK 

Independent Non-Executive Member

Barrister, Keating Chambers.

Jerome Chung (to February 2022) – Hong Kong 

Independent Non-Executive Member

Partner, Generations.

Diane Dumashie FRICS (from February 2022 to September 2022) – UK 

Former member of RICS Governing Council 

President, International Federation of Surveyors (FIG), from September 2022.

Bruce Haswell, MRICS – Austria 

RICS Non-Executive Member

Project Director, Turner & Townsend.

Leigh Miller, FRICS – USA 

RICS Non-Executive Member

Global Conflicts Leader, Ernst Young.

Dele Mosaku FRICS (from February 2022) – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

Member of the International Conduct and Competence Global Advisory Group APC (Assessment of Professional Competence) Panel Chair and APC Counsellor. Lionheart, Global Ambassador.  

Michael Newey, D.Sc(Hon) B.Sc FRICS FCIH FRSA (to February 2022)  – UK 

RICS Non-Executive Member

Group Chief Executive, Broadland Housing Group. RICS Past President.

Deborah Nicol-Omeruah (from February 2022) – Nigeria 

NED, First World Communities Ltd. Former acting CEO and Managing Director, UPDC Plc (Nigeria). Former financial adviser, Lloyds TSB Private Banking and HSBC Bank Plc. Current MBA scholar, London Business School.

Anne Spackman – UK 

Independent Non-Executive Member

Director, CEO and Senior Executive in professional and media sectors and social mobility charities.

Richard Waterhouse FRICS – UK 

RICS Non-Executive Member

Latterly worked on the formation and development of the Government Property Profession in the UK. Current member of the First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) and teaches surveying at a University level. UK Chair, Valuation Review Implementation Committee. 

Carmen Wee (from February 2022) – Singapore 

Award-winning HR leader. Founder & CEO, Carmen Wee & Associates. Board member in HTX (under the Ministry of Home Affairs) and Republic Polytechnic’s School of Management and Communications. 

Julia Woodhouse – UK 

Independent Non-Executive Member

Non-Executive Director and former automotive executive.