RICS standards equip professionals with the ability to deliver consistent practice across a range of critical fields and in many countries around the world. This work directly supports the well-being and effective operation of the real estate, land and construction sectors, benefitting markets, governments and the public.

In 2021–2022, our work continued to address key themes, supporting building safety, trust in valuations and a sustainable built environment.

We achieved 71 adoptions across more than ten different standards. Adoptions range from major projects (ICMS) through to strong government engagement that facilitates the recognition of RICS members.

Standards related to decarbonisation and sustainability are in high demand; this is reflected by Whole life carbon assessment for the built environment (WLCA), International Building Operation Standard (IBOS) and International Cost Management Standard (ICMS), which make up over 50% of adoptions and which all have sustainability drivers within them.