As a global professional body, we are constantly assessing how we can best deliver confidence to governments, stakeholders, markets and the public, and how we can act as a force for positive social impact. This means RICS continues to be a leader in the 21st century.   

As a regulator working to improve regulation principles, we:

  • set and maintain standards of entry into the profession and professional standards
  • assure the professionalism of continued membership and
  • regulate professional qualifications and accreditations. 

‘Our world is balancing competing demands. The pursuit of economic growth and the prosperity it can deliver must be counterbalanced with securing a just and sustainable future for our planet and the communities it sustains. Overlay this dynamic with the ongoing impacts of the pandemic, and the scale of the challenge facing us becomes all too apparent.

RICS has always sought to promote the usefulness of the profession to the public advantage – and in today’s context, professionalism in the service of society could hardly be more relevant.

This is because everything RICS does is designed to effect positive change in the built and natural environments, and this report summarises our performance towards this goal in 2021–2022. It shows how, by promoting and enforcing the highest professional standards among our global membership, we act as a force for positive social impact, which helps deliver better places for people to live and work, now and for generations to come.

I hope you find its contents inspiring and, together with our partners, I look forward to discovering what more we can do in the coming years to deliver a better built and natural environment for us all.’