The Governing Council of RICS has established a strategic oversight group to steer diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. It will focus on building a culture of accountability and belonging, ensuring that the membership and profession better reflect the societies they serve.

Kathy Michell MRICS, Governing Council member for Africa, has been appointed chair of the group, and will be joined by Uche Obi FRICS, Caribbean seat holder, and William Jones FRICS, Southeast Asia seat holder.


Diversity, equity and inclusion

This business year saw significant progress in the advance of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, and in addressing priorities for RICS. As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic started to settle and the world began opening back up again, we welcomed members and stakeholders to our headquarters in London for special observance celebrations. 

Through in-person and virtual events, member spotlights and insight articles from key stakeholders, we highlighted important discussions and the need for greater focus on improving the culture within the profession, with increased emphasis on accessibility, equity and inclusion.  

To reinforce the prioritisation of DEI, and to ensure that the necessary resources and support are committed to that work, RICS recognised the need for a DEI leader at a more senior level, and the Head of DEI role was filled in April 2022 by Sybil Taunton. The strategic oversight group will appoint four additional members with extensive experience and expertise in DEI who will work closely with Sybil in the coming business year. 

Given the breadth of expertise in the only profession that works across every element of the building lifecycle, we must seize every opportunity to be bold, and must challenge traditional assumptions and thinking around diversity, equity and inclusion to create a modern vision of what this means, not just for today, but for tomorrow.   

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and the launch of a three-year action plan was developed to drive forward the creation of a more diverse, equitable and inclusive sector, reflecting society itself.

‘The ICE is delighted to be a signatory to this Memorandum of Understanding, which will facilitate greater collaboration across the built environment. Together, we will work towards achieving a more diverse workforce and one that better represents the society we serve’. 
Caroline Gumble, CIOB CEO