With the built environment estimated to be responsible for around 40% of global carbon emissions, RICS is championing sustainable practices across the built and natural environment. We are also empowering professionals to embed sustainability considerations into the way they work and better measure environmental impacts.

‘The ICMS journey has been a beacon of how collaboration works, with 49 international public benefit bodies pioneering ICMS 3, a world-class standard for costs, life cycle and carbon in construction.’

Justin Sullivan

Chair of the ICMS Coalition & Construction Industry Council

‘Decarbonising construction is now essential to meet the goals of COP26. Critically, to achieve this, we need globally standardised reporting systems – unless we measure it, we cannot manage it.’

Alan Muse

Head of Construction Standards at RICS

International Building Operation Standard (IBOS)


RICS' International Building Operation Standard (IBOS) was launched in February 2022 to equip building occupiers, owners and investors with better data to meet their sustainability and people-centred goals.