Member engagement took centre stage in 2023, with a strong focus on putting our members at the heart of everything we do. The evolution of our Member Engagement Experience and Value working group into the Membership Services Committee (MSC) marked a significant step in this journey. Through a series of key initiatives, the MSC has been instrumental in transforming how members engage with and experience RICS, ensuring they derive maximum value from their membership.

Our endeavours in 2024 and beyond align with the strategic goals outlined in our new RICS strategy, Future Foundations, which was launched in Q4 2023. We have embarked on a comprehensive transformation programme dedicated to enhancing member engagement through strategic initiatives.

Our efforts have led to increased activity across all key markets, guided by member feedback to drive continuous improvement. Through targeted outreach campaigns, personalised communication from our Regional Advisory Board (RAB) Chairs, and the introduction of exclusive member-led networking events and regional conferences, we've seeing a strong sense of community and connectivity among members.

This dynamic approach to engagement has resulted in higher participation rates in events, forums and feedback sessions, providing valuable insights into member preferences and expectations. The rollout of additional networking events received positive responses, contributing to enhanced engagement and participation.

We recognise the investment our members make in RICS and remain steadfast in delivering tangible value in return. By actively seeking feedback and understanding evolving member needs, we ensure our services consistently exceed expectations.


CPD member engagement webinars held


members attending (up 36% from 2022)


engaged with at global and regional conferences (up 50% from 2022)*


free face-to-face networking events


members attending in more than 45 countries (up 72% from 2022)


customer satisfaction score achieved on our global market-led events (hitting the benchmark of 80%) – +2,600 responses received 

* Through live streaming and access to recorded sessions, we have extended the reach of our conferences to include members who could not be physically present (streaming metrics are not included in engagement figures)

A top priority for our teams is providing the products that our members seek to gain the most value for their professional development and industry knowledge.


This is supported by the testimonials we received from attendees.

attending the RICS Dilapidations Conference

‘Yesterday was an incredible day […] as Ricki Hutchinson and Erin Armstrong enjoyed attending the #RICS dilapidations conference 2023 […] It was a great opportunity for professional development, meeting with fellow building surveyors and hearing from some excellent speakers covering a range of dilapidation issues and topics. We have expanded our knowledge on market conditions, sustainability, dealing with inherent defects and much more!’ 

Ricki Hutchinson MRICS and Erin Armstrong
Blacksons Chartered Building Surveyors
attending the RICS Wales Conference

‘Delighted to have been a part of the transport panel at the RICS Wales conference. Great presentation delivered by Alison Thomas and Christopher Warner of the Llywodraeth Cymru/Welsh Government on the direction of transport policy. A really engaged audience with some great questions was testament to how well it was received. Thank you.' 

Oisin Fitzpatrick FRICS
Commercial Director, Arcadis
attending the Building Surveying Conference

‘I'm always eager to stay ahead of the curve in the building surveying industry. That's why I'm excited about attending this year’s conference: the programme's diversity is impressive, offering something for everyone.’

Dale Holmes MRICS
Director, Maison Chartered Surveyors


RICS Matrics 

In 2023, Matrics played a pivotal role in advancing the strategic goals outlined in RICS' Future Foundations. As Matrics expanded, its influence grew, positioning itself as a hub for mentorship, knowledge exchange and inspiration. Through the collective efforts of its members, committees and Matrics UK board, Matrics has evolved into a strong and supportive network, serving as the primary gateway for early career surveying professionals.

Key highlights:

208 events organised with nearly
6,000 member engagements
£10,000+ donated to LionHeart
Matrics brand identity enhanced through collaboration with the Brand Team
Strong presence maintained, with 29 local committees in the UK, now including a regional chair tier, linking to the UK&I World Regional Board (WRB).

Continued efforts are under way to expand Matrics internationally, with committees formed in Europe, India, Africa, and Asia Pacific (APAC). Key volunteers around the globe are working to build the Matrics brand and establish networks to support members worldwide. A dedicated international page for joining Matrics, RICS Matrics International, has been created to enhance accessibility and inclusivity for early career surveying professionals globally. Matrics remains at the forefront of the profession and is the beating heart of our next generation. 

World regional boards

Under the leadership of chairs such as Simon Prichard MRICS (UK&I), Christopher Smith MRICS (Americas), Susanne Eickermann-Riepe FRICS (Europe), Eric Cheah MRICS (APAC), and Haroon Niazi FRICS (Middle East and Africa), the WRBs collaborate closely with the MSC, chaired by Douglas McCormick FRICS, to ensure alignment and continuity in delivering business plans and member services.

In 2023, we conducted recruitment campaigns to strengthen our RABs, which now include 26 boards globally, with approximately 275 board members. These boards act as liaisons to the WRBs, providing vital regional market insights and intelligence to align with RICS strategic goals. This structure enables fluid communication and coordination across our WRBs and RABs, ensuring that business plans are effectively implemented and local member needs are met.

We extend our gratitude to all our member board volunteers and ambassadors for their dedicated efforts in delivering local and regional business plans over the past 12 months.

‘The Americas WRB continued to focus on member engagement and our three core priorities of data and tech, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), and next generation. We worked to bring members back together in 2023 through a variety of events from virtual roundtables, local chapter events, conferences, plus highlighting the incredible talent in the region with the inaugural Americas Awards.’

Chris Smith MRICS
Chair of Americas World Regional Board

‘I believe 2023 has been an extremely rewarding year for both RICS and Matrics. Incremental improvements were key to a smooth evolution, and it now feels like we are in a good place to drive further positive change in the coming years. I am enormously proud of how the Matrics UK Board is operating, and even struggling to keep up with the hive of activity which is the local Matrics committees. Rightly so, our annual awards in October were the perfect place to celebrate the future leaders of surveying, but we look to make 2024's even more accessible and inclusive. We will continue to make our operating rhythm more efficient and explore how we can further integrate Matrics into other parts of RICS, strengthening our influence in the leadership of the institution.’

Richard Golding AssocRICS
Chair of Matrics UK Board

‘In 2023, the UK&I WRB board, in close collaboration with our RABs, prioritised reconnecting RICS with its members and supporting the delivery of a blended programme of engagement at a local level. We have not only devolved our ceremonies for newly qualified members to the regions but successfully reestablished a dozen local member groups who are all committed ambassadors, delivering value to our members.’

Simon Prichard MRICS
Chair of UK&I World Regional Board

RICS awards

In 2023, the Global RICS Awards celebrated outstanding achievements across the built and natural environments, honouring exemplary individuals and teams worldwide. Here's a roundup of the noteworthy awards:


The awards create a unique platform to showcase innovations and achievements across Australia’s built and natural environments.

New Zealand

Each year, these awards demonstrate outstanding achievement and teamwork, and companies are recognised across New Zealand.

South Asia

Recognitions were bestowed upon exceptional individuals, teams and organisations, graced by esteemed chief guest, Honourable Minister of Road Transport & Highways, Shri Nitin Gadkari.


The grand RICS China Awards ceremony attracted over 400 industry elites to witness crowning achievements in land, construction, infrastructure and real estate.

Hong Kong

The RICS Awards showcase the most inspirational initiatives and developments in land, real estate, construction and infrastructure. They recognise outstanding achievement, teamwork and companies.


A milestone was achieved with the inaugural RICS Americas Awards 2023, highlighting remarkable contributions within the region. 

RICS Matrics Surveyor of the Year 2023

The tenth anniversary of the RICS Matrics Surveyor Awards was commemorated in October, honouring winners who exemplify the highest standards of excellence.